About Us

After delivering outstanding best-in-class IT solutions to various sectors (as mentioned in the figure above) our company has matured into a reliable associate partner of substantial value. Our cost-effective and reliable solutions have won us a clientele that has entrusted us with repeated engagements.

Dflex International Ltd is a creative technology group with sound knowledge and enormous experience in diverse fields and specialist expertise in emerging areas. Currently being associated with many smart technology partners we have been doing their outsourced jobs.

Our mission is to provide service excellence to our business partner. By offering services tailored to clients specific needs, we endeavour to add value to your business and reduce the cost of owning and managing your organization.

Corporate News

Intelligent File Tracking System is ready

Version 1 of the Intelligent File Tracking System (FileTrack) has been realeased. Intelligent File Tracking System is a great asset to a company looking for reassurance that can track their files easily and quickly at anytime. Use of a Intelligent file tracking system allows you to track the location of any given file which greatly reduces the time it takes to do so and improves the speed and performance of your company or organization’s transactions .

Parking Management System (PMS)

Dflex has developed an Integrated Parking Management System (PMS) to assist parking owner to efficiently and cheaply manage their parking space. The Parking Management System is a computer based system that is used to manage in and out movement as well as collection of fund for parking areas.

Ticketing Management System (TMS)

Dflex Ticketing Management System (TMS) is a full fledged system that assist managing ticketing cycle, from creation, distribution, selling and checking during use. Unlike the traditional way, TMS can enable the electronic distribution and selling of tickets beyond the geographical boundaries using the power of the Internet. The system is capable of generating fraud free bar coded tickets that can be distributed in printed or electronic form saving a lot of money for security printing.