Our Products

We help clients achieve their goals by a combination of business consulting, power of Information Technology and full dedication. We value commitment. To adhere our values we are always ready to invest in advanced techniques. For this, our team members are continuously into R&D. As a result, we are digging new

Some of our products are

IntraNET Portal

Intelligent and flexible Intranet Portal for small, medium and huge organization that brings all corporate information into a single accessible point increasing efficient and productivity. It seamless integrates with other system such as HR, Payroll, accounting to pull and dispose to staff their Leave, salary slip, biodata, account balance and statements information etc . It consists of Staff directory module, News and announcement, contacts, Organization unit, Polls, Forums, Calendar of events, Photo gallery, Resource Management etc.

Incident and Help desk applications

Web based application that manage incidents and calls that are submitted at help desk or service desk centre. It allows the user to track calls and incidence from the time it is logged up to when it is closed. Our product suite is developed using cutting-edge technologies, including .NET, ASP, DHTML, and XML. These technologies and standards are integrated with secure design to produce a highly scaleable system that is stable, efficient and optimized for performance.

Social Action Trust Fund (SATF) Orphans Database

The System was developed to automate the process of collecting information about Orphans, NGO’s, grants, expenditure and disbursement of fund to assist SATF to efficiently store, search and retrieve these data. The system is a web based application was developed on PHP, and the database was mySQL.

HR and Payroll system

Dflex has developed an integrated HR and Payroll system that enable organization to perform all related employees activities from a single system. It enables organization to efficiently and quickly produce all reports required by organization and that for complying with various authorities including Tax authorities and Audit. The suite seamlessly integrate with other accounting and financial systems.

Intelligent File Tracking System

Intelligent File Tracking System (FileTrack) is a great asset to a company looking for reassurance that can track their files easily and quickly at anytime. Use of a Intelligent file tracking system allows you to track the location of any given file which greatly reduces the time it takes to do so and improves the speed and performance of your company or organization’s transactions .

Parking Management System (PMS)

Dflex has developed an Integrated Parking Management System (PMS) to assist parking owner to efficiently and cheaply manage their parking space. The Parking Management System is a computer based system that is used to manage in and out movement as well as collection of fund for parking areas.

Ticketing Management System (TMS)

Dflex Ticketing Management System (TMS) is a full fledged system that assist managing ticketing cycle, from creation, distribution, selling and checking during use. Unlike the traditional way, TMS can enable the electronic distribution and selling of tickets beyond the geographical boundaries using the power of the Internet. The system is capable of generating fraud free bar coded tickets that can be distributed in printed or electronic form saving a lot of money for security printing.

Hospital & Healthcare Information System (HHIS)

HHIS is a smart software for hospitals and health care organizations. It is designed to integrate the different information systems existing in these organizations into one single efficient system. HHIS solves the problems inherent in Imagea network of multiple programs that are non-compatible with each other. It can integrate almost any type of services, systems, departments, clinic, processes, data, communication, etc. that exist in a hospital. Its design can even handle non-medical services or functions like security, maintenance, etc. It is modular and highly scalable.

It is a web based software and all its functions can be accessed with a common web browser thus there is no need for special user interface software. All program modules are processed on the server side. Module updates and extensions do not require changes on the browsers thus there are no network interruptions and downtimes. Its design supports multiple server configurations to distribute traffic and improve speed and efficiency.

HHIS uses a standard SQL database format for storing and retrieving data .