Our Services

Dflex International Ltd is a creative technology group with sound knowledge and enormous experience in diverse fields and specialist expertise in emerging areas. Currently being associated with many smart technology partners we have been doing their outsourced jobs.

Dflex Offers the following services….

ICT Consulting

Technological advices as well as services related to computerization of many small/medium sized business firms. Leveraging the cutting-edge technological solutions we introduce new, creative ways of doing business.

Records and Document Management Systems

Dflex has the huge experience and expertise of implementing Records and Documents management systems. Our competence starts from development of records management policies, procedures, implementation of manual and computer based systems. It has a good knowledge of digitizing and scanning documents.

Business Process Management (BPM)

We assist organization to leverage the power of technologies for automating their business processes. Identifying opportunities for improvement, extending, enhancing or transforming business processes, choosing wisely among available options, architecting, building, and deploying Business Automation solutions rapidly – are all keys to success.

Application and solution development

Company possesses the competence and rich experience to implement and integrate any kind of Business solution. We are able to create customized applications is supported by an expertise in cutting-edge technologies like JSP, ASP,PHP, .Net etc. We define complete e-architecture and underlying elements, including packaged applications and selection and integration of the components.

ICT Strategy

Executives from our clientele know what they want from their IT investment, but do not know how to get it. This is where we come in. We provide consultancy that helps our customers create an IT roadmap for their organization. Our expertise lies in intelligent delivery of the right technology to the business requirement of each customer.

Intelligent Design

Our web team represents a prudent mix between talented art school graduates and software engineers. Our professionals possess an expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia, Flash, Fireworks, Dream weaver, 3D Studio Max and Poser.

Other Services

Our web team represents a prudent mix talented art school graduates and software engineers. Our professionals possess an expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia, Flash, Fireworka, Dream weaver, 3D Studio max and poser.

  • Disaster Recovery Services

    This area relates to the full scope of disaster recovery service and processes; Dflex utilises a business partner to provide this service.

  • WAN Services

    Services offered under this refer to all levels of wide area network services, connectivity, design, support and network optimisation projects.

  • System Integration Services

    The integration of varied computing platforms to ensure solid communication solutions that are able to deliver maximum value to a customer business.

  • Network Design and Implementation

    Advanced level skills for projects related to new network designs, network restructuring and full implementation of network solutions.

  • Web Design , Hosting and Email services

    These select areas have been widely researched by Dflex and we have chosen exclusive options in each area. Following on from a customer request for additional value add services; Dflex shall offer state of the art web solution, hosting and email services.