Our Structure and Staff

Dflex is uniquely organized into only two Departments , the technical department and the operation department. Being a technology company the technical department is further divided into 4 units namely, Business Solutions, ICT Consulting, Research & Development and the support unit.



The Company comprises different staff with various recognized professional in Information and Communication technology (ICT). The core value of our staff has made the company well known in the country for adding business sense to many ICT system and hence the value of our name.

This experience is an outcome of our long time strategy of setting up an organisation with a far-reaching strategy and in-depth understanding of the local environment, requirements and potential solutions which are necessary during the process of formulating solutions that are compliant to the requirements of each specific institution.

Corporate Policies

In House Policy


Employees are trained with regard to technology, solutions and product choices. This orientation is a safe learning environment, which provides the employee with an overall understanding of information technology.


With regard to the technical developmental areas, the focus is on starting candidates at the most basic level which is the configuration bays, where employees are orientated to the understanding of desktop and application expertise. As the employee feels more comfortable, formal training strategies are embarked upon.

External Policy

To this end Dflex International Ltd is focussed on developing exclusive business partner relationships with suppliers, that share a common vision in terms of growth and development of skills within this sphere. We focus on growing together with organisations and leveraging of each others strengths in an effort to provide effective holistic ICT solutions satisfying the supply and support functions within competitive parameters.

The key is to understand the challenges that we face and to provide a development plan, which is realistic, and more especially a genuine attempt at bridging the gap.